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Marie Biondolillo

Hi! My name is Marie Biondolillo and I’m a Portland-based writer from Northwest Washington.

With a background in nonprofit marketing and activism, I’m passionate about making and supporting independent media. I’ve created and executed marketing strategies for Open Signal, Portland Community Media Center, SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention, Cascade Radio Group, and others.

I’m also a playwright and screenwriter. My short and full-length plays have received readings or productions at a number of theaters, including the Seattle Repertory Theatre, Theatre Off Jackson and the Idiom Theatre. My fiction has been published by The Toast, Points in Case, The Wild Word, VoiceCatcher, Beacon Quarterly, @rlysrslit, April Gloaming Publishing and other outlets.

Awards and Honors

Finalist, CineStory 2018 Original Comedy Television Pilot Division

Best Short Screenplay nominee, 2018 Austin Comedy Short Film Festival

Best Short Screenplay nominee, 2018 Portland Comedy Film Festival

2018 NEA Media Arts Panelist