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I’m primarily a writer but sometimes produce my own scripts. Inspired by the Stella Shorts, a legendary group of self-produced videos made by the comedy group Stella (David Wain, Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black), my videos may not be technically perfect but they encapsulate what I find funny (BLANK, BLANK AND BLANK).

My video work has appeared on XRAY TV as well as at [list of film festivals].

I’m currently a producer at Open Signal, Portland Community Media Center, where I direct Portland, Place or Thing, a Chris Gethard-inspired comedy show that airs live on cable access and on Twitch simultaneously. I also manage Open Signal’s message board, which connects emerging film and television producers with other members of their community.

I’m always looking for visually gifted collaborators, so if you think we’d work well together, hit me up!

Selected Works of Video