Chestnut Club, Episode 2


The second ep of my dirtbag comedy block for XRAY TV. Featuring Caterina Schwarzkopf as host, plus the following guests and videos:

  • "Sellwood Pet Court," by Marie Biondolillo and Ross Brackett.

  • "The Interview," by Gillian Myers.

  • "If the Revolution Comes," performed live by Robert Lashley and featuring Portland band Stochastic Mettle Union.

  • "Superdogs," by Elisa Barrios.

  • "Nerd Boy," feat. Lucia Fasano and directed by Angela Webber (The Doubleclicks).

  • "Battlefield Earth," by Gabriel Uji Rodriguez.

  • "Yo Ho Hold Me," by Christopher Patton.

  • "Horse with a Name," by Marie Biondolillo.

Thanks so much to Jay McAlonen, Mark Ruskamp, Ross Brackett, Tom Hopkins, Tony Schwarzkopf, Dave Mosier, Jacob Billings, Jim Thompson, BJ Rochinich, Alva Myers and others for their able TV crew work!